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We Get It, You Need Answers…

Since launch we have received a few questions that we understand are pretty important. As much as these questions are important to you, answering them and educating our buyers is important to us. We’ve outlined a few major ones below:

  • Why are the Faux Freckles™ not circles if freckles are small circles?
    • Freckles are actually not circles. Freckles come in an array of shapes, sizes and variations of browns. Our pattern was an inspiration taken from many freckled faces of all backgrounds. The fake freckles online seem to be extremely doll-like. We wanted to create an easy-to-use application that will give you more of the “real” impact freckles have.
  • What if the stencil does not fit my face?
    • The stencil on the back of the palette is only a suggested cut-out. Therefore, you can start with that and add more or less, depending on your face shape or desired freckle area. If you want some inspiration, take a look at our previous blog post regarding application tips.
  • Can I apply this over my make up?
    • No! And if you try it won’t work (promise, I tried). Your skin should be clean – that means, no heavy moisturizers or make up. If you need to use a moisturizer, be sure your skin is not oily before applying the freckles. After you apply the freckles, you can apply your makeup.
  • How can I blend the Faux Freckles™ palette to better suit my face?
    • Using the oval stencils to taper off the nose stencil is the best way to make this application “fade” into your cheekbone area. After applying your foundation and concealer, feel free to dot a pencil in one-off areas like around your mouth or eyebrows for a fuller impact.
  • I have very sensitive skin, should I be using this on my face?
    • This product is non-toxic and free of perfumes and dyes. However, if you have sensitive, easily irritable skin, please do spot test before applying the full face.


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