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Influencer Spotlight: Lisa Cirincione

Lisa Cirincione is a producer, director and actress whose stage and screen credits include work in The United States, United Kingdom and Italy.  Due to her multi-cultural heritage and extensive world travel, Lisa is dedicated to giving voice to immigrant and international causes, which is reflected in her current film and theatre projects.

Lisa is currently premiering in the show Hostage at Pacific Resident Theatre which tells the true to life story of the industrious and unstoppable university students in Iran whose courage and dedication to their cause were the beginning of the Iranian revolution, an event that changed the course of history and world politics. Lisa is fluent in Italian and Spanish, and possesses a unique gift with languages and accents allowing her to play an extensive range of multi-cultural roles on stage and on screen including this iconic role of a young Iranian revolutionary in this world premiere show, Hostage.

Committed to shedding light on the refugee crisis, Lisa is working to get a ground-breaking documentary series off the ground that follows the incredible group the female fighters in Rojava, Syria who are fighting ISIS.  These Muslim women warriors fight for their homes and their country.  They are extraordinary revolutionaries. If an ISIS fighter is killed by a woman, he believes he will not go to the heaven and he will die in shame. This new series follows these extraordinary women, their schools, clinics and sustainable farming in the middle of a war zone!  This is the first time that people outside of Rojava will have access to these female warriors and they to us. Lisa is so thrilled to be sharing the stories of these remarkable women of Rojava, spreading the word to help them reclaim the lives, protect their families and their homes.

As a director, Lisa is currently directing a new show entitled The Space Between at The Braid performance space in Santa Monica. The Space Between explores humorous, heartbreaking and surprising stories that cut to the heart of what divides us and illuminate the yearnings and struggles, successes and failures of reaching out to find common ground during this very fragile moment in our country and our world.

Lisa is also the founder of English Language Universal, an English language institute that empowers and educates business leaders, diplomats, actors, directors and producers from all over the world. From Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mexico and from Central and South America, English Language Universal is dedicated to providing outstanding native English speaking teachers so that students learn how to build valuable relationships and have success personally and professionally in the United States and all English speaking countries.

Lisa is also does volunteer work for Jewish World Watch, an organization that fights to prevent genocide around the world, namely in Sudan, Congo and Syria.

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