Influencer Spotlight: Jose Ariel Diaz – Faux Freckles™
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Jose Ariel Diaz

With a love for photography, model coaching & hosting events, Jose tends to use his talents to give back to others; hoping that it will uplift those around him to feel great about themselves. If someone gained confidence & self love after working with Jose, his mission is accomplished. Jose is indifferent on who he works with and shutters at the fashion industry for excluding variety. “I love all shapes, colors & sizes! I have traveled to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Jamaica as a runway coach or just to be involved in fashion shows,” Diaz exclaims. As far as giving back, Jose has a campaign #JoseArielDiaz4Autism (Instagram:@JoseArielDiaz4Autism) which raises awareness for autism. The purpose is to unite the world and take down human differential barriers through art.

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Another actionable community cause Jose was involved in is “Meeting Street” which takes care of children with disabilities or behavioral problems, in which he personally donated to. “Last year I donated to “Somos Diversidad” which is a program in Venezuela. Being that Venezuela is going through so much hardship it was only right to do so!”


As an active philanthropist, he works a lot within his community; whether it’s with pageants, donating clothes to the homeless, etc. His ultimate goal in life is just to inspire… “in everything that I do no matter what it is. A lot of people ask me ‘what do you see yourself doing for the rest of your life’ and my answer is – whatever makes me happy at the moment. We only have one life to live! So live it happily, free & just enjoy every single opportunity that comes your way!”


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