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Faux Freckles™ Featured in NewBeauty

As written in NewBeauty.

There’s nothing new about Faux Freckles™. From catwalks to Instagram, women have been painting small little dots on their nose and cheeks for a while. But now there’s something new on the market feeding in to the Faux Freckles™ craze. And it’s making the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

A company, quite literally called Faux Freckles™, is making adhesive stickers that can place a splattering of spots along your nose and cheeks. They come in three different colored palettes. Two natural-looking shades of light and dark brown as well as a 24K palette that delivers gold specks for more avant-garde looks.

The sheets work the same way as temporary tattoos. Simply place the stencil along the top of your nose, and press with a wet washcloth. Let it sit for a second before peeling away and pressing the adhesive onto the skin. You can also add extra spots to your cheeks with the smaller cheekbone stickers.

Not only do they look natural, but you get the look minus the sun damage. Now that’s a win. They are meant to last up for 24-48 hours. And for $24.99, you can get two uses out of the one sheet, which includes two nose stencils and four cheekbone stencils.

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