May 28, 2018

If you have your palette in hand and you are about to apply with make up on, DON’T! Be sure to have a clean face and dry skin before applying. Otherwise, the Faux Freckles™ will not set (and you will be soooo sad)!


  1. The adhesive has a suggested outline on the back, the best way to measure this outline to best fit yourface is to cut a straight line underneath the first nose strip and place the whole rectangle over your bridge. By pre-measuring, you won’t make the mistake of cutting too small or too large around the stencil and wasting portions of the freckle adhesive. (If you do, don’t worry, freckles are never perfect – use the wasted adhesive prints on areas that look sparse).
  2. Now that you are all measured up, go ahead and peel back the clear lining and press firmly against your skin with the freckles facing down. Use a damp cloth and saturate the adhesive with water. After 30 seconds, peel back and the freckles are on your face!
  3. My suggestion in applying to your sunglass line; use the oval stencil in areas you want freckles and work your way around your glasses line with small portions of the stencil.
  4. Let your Faux Freckles™ sit for at least 5 minutes prior to applying makeup.

Faux Freckles


@MakeUpByNimai – Make Up Tips: 

“For a minimal beauty look use liquid foundation on portions of your face where there aren’t any or minimal Faux Freckles™. I did use a little liquid on both model’s noses; however, most coverage was using powder. To increase the vibrance of the Faux Freckles™ I did wipe off some of the foundation so the freckles stood alone. Feel free to do a light contour, and/or highlighter using brushes. The Faux Freckles™ took to the makeup without any issues! To create a full faced freckle look, feel free to use a pencil to dab around your lips and upper eyebrow area.”